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Peaky Tours

Meeting at The Old Crown on Deritend High Street. On arrival, you are welcome to have a drink and relax in area set aside exclusively for Peaky Tours. There Prof. Carl Chinn MB will bring to life the real gangs that terrorised the racecourses of England in the 1920s and the real gang leaders. After just over an hour, he will take you on a tour back to the 1890s and early 1900s, recounting the story of the real peaky blinder gangs and taking in the Rainbow Pub close to where the term "Peaky Blinder" was first penned. The walking element of the tour lasts around 45 minutes to one hour (dependent on questions). 

Carl will then lead you back to the Old Crown, where you will be sat in an exclusive area set aside for Peaky Tours. Here, you will handed your choice of house wine, ale or non-alcoholic drink and a typical Victorian dinner (tour choice dependent). Once your belly and palate are contented, Prof. Carl Chinn MBE will conclude the Real Peaky Blinders story by telling you about the violent and bloody gang war that erupted on the racecourses of southern England in 1921 and explain what happened to the gangs and their leaders. He will then take any questions you may have. 

You will also get the chance to buy merchandise including the Prof. Carl Chinn's best-selling book. If you ask nicely, he may even sign it for you too!!!! 

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City Of A Thousand Trades

Brum Tours will take you on an exciting journey of discovery. Here you'll hear about the City of a Thousand Trades and the origins of the Jewellery Quarter.

Starting at the Rose Villa Tavern, Professor Carl Chinn take will tell you about the development of the City of a 1000 trades for about an hour and then take you on a guided history tour of this influential location. This will last for just over an hour and during it you will learn about the origins of the Chamberlain Clock, famed manufacturers and the gallant war-hero Thomas Graham in a place that was even the site of one of the biggest and most important political meetings in the history of English democracy.

Professor Chinn will take you back to time of tremendous hardship, yet show how poor people strove to get by with dignity and he'll tell you about interesting folk, like the family who supplied silverware to the rich and the woman who wrote about her experiences of growing up in poverty locally. 
The evening will finish with a slap-up meal at about 9.15, after which Professor Chinn will take questions and chat about everything you've learned.

Please note that there is no disabled access at the Rose Villa Tavern and the venue is an upstairs room reached by stairs.

Please note that there is no disabled access at the Rose Villa Tavern. 

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Broad Street: Canals, Halls & Icons

Brum Tours will take you on an exciting journey of discovery. Here you'll be transported back to in time to learn about the origins of Broad Street, the surrounding area and how it has evolved into the new Brum, rising up from what was once described as The Workshop of the World.

Starting at Malthouse Pub, Professor Carl Chinn take to you on a guided history tour of this influential location. Learn abouthow Birmingham's canal system connected the city to the rest of the world, the heroes of the Industrial Revolution and how his early experiments with gas would change the world. Also find out about Boulton and Watt, the Eagle Foundry and Cadbury, visiting iconic modern locations such as the ICC to the history of Bingley Hall.

Finished upstairs in the Brass House with an hour-long dinner with questions and an informal chat about everything you've learned.

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Brum Pubs

The pub has always held a special place in the centre of every British community, and this is especially true in Birmingham, where at one point there was a pub for every 183 people. 

This lovingly-orchestrated tour tells the story of four particular pubs found within one such community, but it also recounts the wider tale of pubs and brewing in Birmingham at the turn of the 20th Century. This fascinating period in history saw the landscape of Birmingham change and evolve both literally and socially alongside the pub, which retained their place at the very heart of the communities that grew out from them. 

As is widely agreed, the reputations of all pubs are reliant on their beer. During each stop, we will sample a different type of beer whilst looking at the history of such styles, from IPAs to stouts, without overlooking the great Midlands mild.

Each stop in this tour has been cherry-picked for the role that it plays in telling the story of Birmingham's pub heritage. Inns have stood on some of these sites since the 17th century, and behind each door there awaits another part to the story -  the people of Birmingham and the communities they belonged to. 

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