Thousand Trades

Jewellery Quarter Tour

Brum Tours Presents: “Thousand Trades”: A  Jewellery Quarter Tour.

Most noteworthy we will take you on an exciting journey of discovery. Here you’ll hear about the City of a Thousand Trades and the origins of the Jewellery Quarter.

First of all, we will begin at the Rose Villa Tavern. Brum Tours take will tell you about the development of the City of a 1000 trades.

The introduction will be about an hour and then take you on a guided walking tour in Birmingham. This too will another hour to the influential location. You will learn about the origins of the Chamberlain Clock. Similarly, we will tell you about the famed manufacturers. Also the gallant war-hero Thomas Graham. Furthermore, our Jewellery Quarter Tour will take you back to time of tremendous hardship. While we will show you how poor people strove to get by with dignity: We’ll  also tell you about interesting folk:

Even more, the family who supplied silverware to the rich. Also, the woman who wrote about her experiences of growing up in poverty locally. 

Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter was even the site of one of the most important political meetings in the history of democracy. Finally we haven’t even mentioned one of the most important books ever to be written being penned here too: Probably because we have even more to tell you and for that reason you will have to come along!

Finally, the evening will finish with a slap-up meal at about 9.15pm. Furthermore, after this, we will take questions and chat about everything you’ve learnt on our Thousand Trades walking tour of Birmingham and even more.

*NOTE that there is no disabled access at the Rose Villa Tavern and for that reason the venue is an upstairs room reached by stairs. As a result, we are unable to accept wheelchairs on this tour.

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