Brewery Tours In Birmingham

One of the most popular kinds of tour available in a brewery tour in Birmingham. Open to over-18s only, Our brewery tours in Birmingham are led by beer experts. Furthermore they include visits not only to some of the UK’s most respected micro-breweries, but also some of the finest real ale pubs in the whole world. Naturally, a big part of the Birmingham Brewery Tour is certainly tasting the beer! 🍺

Led by guides who are experts in local history as well as professional brewers and connoisseurs of ale. You will also learn all the stories behind some of Birmingham’s best brewers of real ale: First of all this includes: Aston Manor, Two Towers , Edmunds Brewhouse, Froth Blowers, Digbeth Brewing, Moseley Beer and even more…..

Brewery tours in Birmingham include the Hockley Loop Real Ale Trail. As a result, you get to taste some of the country’s finest ales, including: Purity Mad Goose, The Hockley Gold, Complete Muppetry and even more.

You’ll get to meet landlords and brewers alike and you’ll come to understand the history of brewing in Birmingham. Enjoy the perfect combination of brewing information and local history. How many local brews were named in honour of key historical figures? John Baskerville and Joseph Chamberlain are amongst the answers!

Also get to visit some of the finest pubs in the Midlands. This including a selection from the following legendary drinking houses: First of all The Old Contemptibles. The Old Joint Stock, The Church Inn, also The Lord Clifden, and finally The Rose Villa Tavern

Let our experienced and knowledgable guides bring the city of Birmingham to life.

You can discover some of the most interesting aspects of the city’s cultural history. Brewery tours in Birmingham from Brum Tours are some of the most entertaining and informative tours available., As a result, they are the tastiest!

Brewery tours in Birmingham are as flexible as you need them to be. This means you can book a tour at a time that best suits you and your friends. A Brewery Tour is also the perfect way to prepare yourself for a night on the town. Sampling a few sharpeners as you learn about the history is the ideal way to start a night out. Furthermore getting to know other aspects of the city, such as dining out.

If you enjoy your real ale, you’d be mad to miss out on a brewery tour in Birmingham.

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Our brewery tours in Birmingham are the ideal gift for the beer enthusiast in your life. Why not treat them to a gift voucher to book a tour themselves? They can be found with our store.

They’re also great for corporate nights out in Birmingham days or even wedding parties. Actually, as long as you’re over 18, Birmingham Brewery Tours are the ideal tour for just about any occasion and any group of friends!

Book a Brewery Tour in Birmingham today and you’ll discover that there’s so much more to your tipple than you thought. Plus you’ll be entertained, educated and well-oiled into the bargain.

brewery tour in Birmingham from Brum Tours
brewery tour in Birmingham from Brum Tours
brewery tour in Birmingham from Brum Tours
brewery tour in Birmingham from Brum Tours

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