Sightseeing In Birmingham

When you go sightseeing in Birmingham, you will be amazed by the vast number of attractions on offer. Birmingham sights include some of the greatest galleries and museums in the world. There are castles, entertainment venues, zoological gardens and breathtaking public spaces.

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Go sightseeing around Birmingham with us and learn about the fascinating history of this city that was at the heart of the industrial revolution in the UK.

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Most noteworthy, Birmingham has more canals than Venice, more greenery than Paris and more friendly people than London!

Birmingham is one of Europe’s most interesting and underrated cities, and is actually the perfect city to take sightseeing tour.

Here are just a few of the things to see and learn sightseeing in Birmingham:

First of all, Birmingham has the Bell-Edison Telephone Building on Newhall Street. This was the location of the city’s first ever telephone exchange, completed in 1896 for the National Telephone Company
Also, we have the Birmingham School of Art. A grade I listed building on Margaret Street. Opened in 1885, this was the first locally run art college in the whole of the UK.

Another is of course Victoria Square, home to the Town Hall and the Council House. This is a pedestrianised square that is often described as the heart of Birmingham. It also happens to be the point from which are measured all local road sign distances.

Furthermore, there is Birmingham Town Hall, completed in 1834, is another Grade I listed building. Inspired by the Roman Temple of Castor and Pollux, this beautiful classical concert hall came to characterise city architecture in Victorian England.

Finally on our list is Centenary Square. Opened by Queen Victoria in 1889 and renamed a hundred years later to celebrate the fact that Birmingham was granted city status.

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Brum Tour: sightseeing in Birmingham
Brum Tour: sightseeing in Birmingham
Brum Tour: sightseeing in Birmingham

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